Sunday, January 10, 2016

HSCA Trade Post

Recieved a PWE in the mail right after New Years from Brian at HSCA, marking my first trade package of the year.

As usual there was lots of good stuff inside with an extra vintage flair this time around. Including this 1960 Lee Maye that I needed.

In fact I think every card in this envelope was new to me. Jim Pisoni only appeared in 9 games for the club. Cecil Butler only pitched 31 innings in '62 with a 2.61 ERA then didn't pitch again until 1964 even he only made it thru 4.1 innings before the end of his major league career. So 2 short term stops but both much needed for my Topps team set project. 

I love manager cards, this is my first of Chuck Dressen. He hit .272 in 8 seasons at 3rd base with Cincinnati, won 2 pennants as the Dodgers manager and led the Braves to a 159-124 record in 2 seasons. 

Rico, both needed for the team sets!

Always liked Grissom but I forgot how red hot he was in the '95 NLDS hitting .565 then hitting .360 in the World Series before catching the final out AKA the greatest moment in my sports fandom 

It's only 31 seconds, hit play.

Brian also sent these 2 gold medallion parallels from Fleer Ultra which I'd never seen. 

Closing it out with a few of the Falcons he sent over right as his Vikings are about to kick off against Seattle. Even though I watched AP roll over my Falcons in the Dome earlier this year, I'm rooting for you guys in this Ice Bowl that's about to start. 

Thanks for all the great cards Brian and thank you for reading. 

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  1. Brian always has well thought out trade packages.