Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dimebox Trade

I got a PWE in the mail the day after Christmas from the one and only Dime Box Nick

This 1988 Conlon Collection of Big Bill James is awesome. A member of the Miracle Braves, I see everybody else doing New Year's card resolutions. Well one of mine is to add some truly old cards. My current oldest is a '51 Bowman I believe. Maybe James will be the first one I try to track down.

This one comes from a 1992 Baseball Card Magazine and is awesome. Really wish card magazines still made cards but that's why they made Dime Boxes and Nick was apparently born to pull gems like this out of them.

Another oddball with this '93 Hostess card of TP who's still with the Braves organzation. This will probably be the card I take with me to Spring, he gave me a ball and signed my daughters. 

1, 2, 3 GQ Braves minis. Just 3 years old now and 3 guys not on the team. Such is Braves fandom these days.

Sweet Chen music!  Awesome minor league card of the former Bravo lefty.

This card was a new Chipper card to me. As are the 50 or so sitting on my desk. My new New Year's resolution is to assemble a Complete Chipper Checklist. As I near the 250 mark I'm realizing just how many f****ing Chipper cards there are. 

Some needed 2015 inserts, these cardsare so last year.  Hey another new Chipper card! 

Alright closing out the first trade post of 2016 with another new rainbow foil Scott Cunningham. Good luck in LA kid. 

Thanks for all the great cards Nick


  1. Glad you liked them! That envelope took two tries to get to you because it came back to my house with postage due. Apparently the post office is starting to get suspicious of my jam-packed PWE methods.

    One of the great things about collecting guys who played in the late '90s/early 2000s (like Chipper) is that they have a seemingly infinite number of cards to chase. Of course, that can be seen as a bad thing, too.

  2. There is apx. (min) 12,744 Chipper cards

    1. I'm guessing that includes evil parallels and the like. I guess I'll be busy for a while