Thursday, January 7, 2016

Flea Market Round Up Pt. 2

I go to the flea market almost every weekend and my desk is suffering from it.  Time for a photo dump so I can get all these homeless cards into thier proper binders/boxes.

Probably paid too much for this one but damnit I needed it.  A pretty clean copy and just my second playing days Aaron, working backwards here. That said I'm getting pretty close to several of my 70's Braves team sets. 

Grabbed this  '60 Fleer for a buck,  I always associated Sisler with the Browns and I'm ashamed to admit I didn't know he played for my Braves until I plucked this from a box.  This marks my first vintage Fleer card.

MIKITA!  One of my normal vendors had a box full of '74 Topps hockey cards and told me a quarter each. Plucked this one and a few others. 

The Esposito brothers,  love the old school hockey gear on Tony and picking up this Phil makes me realize a PC for the man who brought hockey to Tampa is long overdue.

These guys are pretty good right? How the hell were the Flyers ever in the West? 

Grabbed a few cards of the defunct Atlanta Flames as well. If you have any unloved Flames/Thrashers cards I will give them a home. 

Ok back to baseball, here's a couple of the closest we'll ever get to a unanimous Hall of Famer. 

Speaking of the Hall here's a new minor league card of a guy who will be eligible in 2018 along with Scott Rolen, Jim Thome and Omar Vizquel.

I swear some of these 90's cards were designed by guys still trippin from the 60's.

7-11 3D disk coin thingy of Phil Niekro, I pulled this one and 2 others which i'm sending to others out of a box and asked how much "Free" I guess it pays off to be a Flea market regular. 

Grabbed this SportFlix for a nickle mostly for the Chipper World Series cameo.

Dug thru a giant dollar autograph tub and pulled my first card of the new Brave Jhoulys Chachin who was a sneaky signing by the club. 

Also grabbed my first card of Philip Wheeler who played in about 10 games for the Falcons last year. Didn't even notice it was serial numbered until just now. 

Another guy had a binder full of IP autographs for 2 bucks each. Picked up a Gators and Falcons player just cus.

This is my first card from this insert set from this years last year's Gypsy Queen (how weird is that?) I may have to chase this subset down even if that runner appears to have left before the ball was caught. 

One guy I've been PCing and another I am starting as of... NOW. Stevey Y has done a pretty good job as the Lightnings GM, he deserves it. 

1 buck?  Sure why not? 

The nicknames inserts are awesome,  I'm gonna try and find a box of this stuff to bust. 

This was another buck pickup, a few of these have gone out in trade packages already. Love these oddball sets.

These are old but I never showed them.  Class of '15, 17 & 18. You have to think Pudge goes in with Vladdy and hopefully Tim Raines next year. 

Who do you think should be in that isn't?  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow! Those vintage hockey cards are awesome! Nice finds!

    1. Thanks man, I think I saw some defunct teams in there I'll grab some for you this weekend.

  2. Anytime I see Stan Mikita I think of Wayne's World.

  3. Seeing those Backyard Baseball cards takes me back.

  4. Wow. Those vintage hockey cards for a quarter are candidates for Steal of the Year. Great find. And that Aaron is gorgeous. Congratulations!

    P.S. Gotta find a copy of that Tag Up card.

    1. Thanks man, it's a mini fyi don't let the size here deceive you.

    2. I don't discriminate. Minis are a-ok in my book.