Monday, January 4, 2016

First Look - 2015 Bowman's Best

Bowman's Best is back this year taking the place of Sterling and Platinum. Sterling seemed to be nothing but prospect sticker autos which i'm not a fan of but Platinum was a very good looking set the last couple years so i'm sad to see it go. Bowman's Best is back and to be honest it kind of snuck up on me, I was really excited about Draft and 2 weeks later Best dropped and I didn't even notice until I started seeing cards pop up on the Bay. Well one particular card caught my eye and I jumped all over it..

Touki!!! His first autograph pictured as a Brave, I've bid on a few of his 2015 Bowman autos with him as a Diamondback but they keep going out of my range. I saw this card and knew it must be mine so I put in a higher bid and won it for less than $8 shipped. Not bad for a brand new product of a top prospect. In Touki's earlier cards he's listed as Dany Touissaint so I'm guessing that what the large "D" in his signature is signifying. 

The back is rather boring with the customary "Congratulations" spiel.

The same seller had combined shipping so I added this Wisler to the cart and got both cards for around $15. I got a Padres card signed by Matt when they played the Rays here but this is my first auto with him as a Brave. I like the simple full bleed design of these cards, the atomic refractors from this set look really sharp. I just won the Kolby Allard from this set the other day for cheap so I now have 3 of the 4 Braves in the autograph checklist. I'll wait on Braxton Davidson as I already have a few of his autos. Anyways did any of you guys buy the $100 boxes, I know for 4 hits that's not bad but I am far too cheap to take that gamble. I'll stick to cherry picking the guys I want for now.


  1. I don't think I could ever drop that much money on a box of cards honestly - I'm not much of a gambler and I don't like the odds of landing something I'd actually want/use. I'll stick to your strategy.

  2. I don't open much Bowman. Last year the prices of Chrome dropped to around $50 so I bought a few, but it has since jumped back up. The Pirates in this years set are fairly cheap so I'll probably just cherry pick.