Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happiness Is A Warm PWE

Ok, I stole the post title from Douglas but it was too good not to use. This was the last trade package I recieved in 2015 and I believe my 4th trade with the Repack master.

This mini Freeman is #'d/199 and an awesome addition to the PC. I got tobacco card pages for Christmas so this'll go in the Freeman binder nicely. 

I saw Full Force blasters at Target last time I was there last minute Christmas shopping but was able to contain myself and walk away. I'm glad I did because these are all 3 of the Lightning base cards in the set wiped out thanks to Douglas.

A pair of inserts, the Valuable Assets is one of only 11 of that insert and the Goooal! is out of 23. Drouin got sent to the minors this weekend and is demanding a trade. He's only 20 so I'm sure that's a factor and apparently his parents are getting involved (really?) Hopefully he lights it up in Syracuse and comes back with a vengeance for us. 

There's 53 Blueprint cards but only one Lightning player so thanks alot for these man! This is a brand new product this year from Upper Deck and I really like it. 

Some old favorites. 

A very french O-Pee-Chee of Marty.

The captain

Doug sent me an auto from this set in our last trade and this one is just as awesome. Even with the Lightnings success there is very limited hockey cards at shows/LCS here other than new products so these are always awesome to get from the Great White North.

Closing it out with The Freak. Thanks for all the great cards man, I'll hit you back soon. 

Who y'all got in the playoffs, here's my unofficial official Bubblegum picks -

KC over HOU
PIT over CIN
SEA over MIN

upset special 
WAS over GB


  1. From the outside Drouin certainly looks like a whiny baby. Your parents? Really? What ever happened to shutting your mouth and playing your contract through? He can always leave in free agency down the line if he doesn't like the situation. I wonder what an old-timer like Gordie Howe would think of this. Then again, who knows what info we're not aware of I guess...

    1. Yeah it's stupid, I mean like I said he's only 20 but for chrissakes your a friggin hockey player! It's not like he's setting the league on fire, go to the minors and prove Yzerman wrong since HE doesn't know what he's talking about haha

  2. Bold pick with Wash. I would actually like to see it, but not sure if they can play enough defense to win a game.

    Doug is a great trade partner. Great stuff as usual.

    1. Yeah I doubt it but you know that stadium is gonna be electric. Had to have one upset