Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dusty pages at the flea market

So as is almost Saturday I found myself at the local flea market browsing the dusty hallways. There's an old timer that has lots of coins for sale and usually has a bunch of NASCAR cards out for sale. Well today I peered behind him and saw a binder full O cards and found these here cards.

 Not bad both very clean Jeter rookies.
A Bernie Williams prospect card.

This awesome oversized bat wielding Kirby

2 Gold additions to my Maddux PC

And these 2 Pinnacle Mint cards he had more from the set but most had the coin punched out so there was just a huge whole in the card...

I guess the lesson here is when a dusty binder harkens your name get your hands dirty and dig thru you may find some gems. Got all these and more miscellaneous Braves for $10.00. 

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  1. Hey Jeff, what flea market are you going to? Being in the ATL myself, I'm always looking for another place to get cards.