Monday, May 18, 2015

Quick hits - Ebay in the title

Decided it was time to add some Topps Museum 2015 to my collection and started with this beauty...

Boy these cards are thick, don't have any of the base Museums but I see lots go on Ebay for reasonable prices so I may have to pick some more up. Not touching the packs/boxes for the money they want but these are some fine looking pieces of cardboard.
This is my first autograph and relic from Simmons so this one was a long time coming.  


  1. Be patient about buying these, too -- and be sure to check places other than eBay for the base cards (COMC, Sportlots, Just Commons).

    1. yeah got this one for $13.00 shipped but I had a $10.00 ebay voucher so it was kind of impulse. not bad for $3

      I actually just got my first Just Commons order in the mail the other day and am adding way too many cheap autos to the cart on COMC currently...