Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Heritage 2015, blaster blasted

At Walmart getting the honey-do's done the other day I saw a blaster of Heritage sitting in the checkout aisle. I have no willpower so I caved and bought it. Had only bought one pack of Heritage so far this year so felt this was justified to get a true sampling of the product. I ordered the Braves team set back when they first came out and called it a day.

 Well I think I pulled a box meant for a Dodger fan, but hey I got this mini Ryan Braun #'d 37/100 and a card of brand new Brave Juan Uribe.
I don't know if I pulled a "purple chrome blaster" or something but every pack had one of these in it. All are up for trade if anyone's interested.

 I already have a chrome refractor without the ugly purple of Kimbrel so if anyone wants that one shoot. I mean they are shiny and fancy but especially that Cespedes card the purple just looks not so hot in my opinion.
More Dodgers.. at least I pulled a Mays?

Well at least the Koufax looks cool, don't think i'll be buying anymore Heritage this year. Although I do like the thickness and the actual cardboardness of the cardboard on these.


  1. Looks like you nabbed one of the purple refractor hot boxes. I've seen a few other bloggers find those. Great pulls!

  2. Lots of purple! Pretty nice box overall. Congrats!

  3. I'm a sucker for purple-bordered Dodgers (although I wish they were blue borders). Maybe we can work out a trade for those 2 and the Then & Now?

    1. Yeah man for sure I've other stuff for you too, shoot me an email jeffreymatthewjones (at) gmail DOT com