Saturday, May 23, 2015

Trade with 2x3 Heroes : Overwhelmed by Lightning

Well the Lightning sucked it up last night at home but getting this package in the mail from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes made things a little easier.

2014-15 Black Diamond Upped Deck 36 
Card looks way better than it scanned of Tyler Johnson scorer 12 playoff goals

I sent Jeff a message saying I had some of his wants off his 2015 Gypsy Queen want list and sent him those and a few White Sox cards in a bubble mailer just telling him I like the Lightning and Braves. He sent me a small flat rate box stuffed with 5 team bags of newer Lightning players going all the way back to 1994. He also sent me some Braves cards but I am going to do a another post for those as he sent me so many cards.
As someone who hasn't bought hockey cards in a few years this package is probably going to inspire me to bust some packs as most of these cards look great and make me miss Upper Deck, Panini & Fleer in the baseball card world.

3 more of the netminder who has carried us this far, 11 GAA in the last 2 games but I believe in him. Love the card in the middle of him mid-save, eyes bugging out catching the puck.
 Of course what Lightning post would be complete without some cards of the Captain, Stammer who scored his 6th goal of the playoffs last night
Some former stars, this one playing for the bad guys in the ECF right now, though not very well.

My favorite hockey player of all time still. El Capitan, Vinny, who is currently lurking in Philly right now counting his money. 

Jeff also sent 2 hits of the hockey variety - these 2 relic cards of 2004 Playoff heroes

In our email Jeff stated that he had a "crapton" of 90s and later junkwax, well like they say one man's trash is another man's treasure, I didn't have any of these older cards and all are welcome additions to my Lightning collection. 

 Puppa, Bradley, Hamrlik, Gratton all old favorites, these aren't all the cards he sent just samplings of some of my favorites. Check those uniforms in the Renberg card. 
 If you haven't yet (which i'm sure most of you have) check out Jeff's blog 2x3 Heroes ASAP he is a generous trader who has an affinity for miscuts, shattered bats and bunting. Thanks again for the cards Jeff, I hope you like what I sent you in return. 

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