Thursday, May 14, 2015

First Trades: The Underdog Card Collector

 So I'm pretty new here to the card blogosphere and set up 4 trades in the first couple of weeks. One of those was with non other than The Underdog Card Collector (

 Saw this gold Julio mini on one his posts and offered up a red mini Ian Kennedy for trade and boom we had a deal!
He also sent over the base card of Julio and my boy Folty's 2015 GQ RC
 Also in the PWE (my first, haven't sent one yet was waiting to steal Underdog's secret technique) but he packed in these 2 HOFers. This is my first Panini card since they lost their license as I can't bring myself to buy a pack of logo-less players. Always nice to add a Knucksie to the collection as I don't have many. I had the 96' World Series Golden Moments card for Andruw Jones so this Hank will go right along side it.
24 years later I have this Ryan Klesko rookie. I recognize Rico Brogna but the other 2 guys I have never heard of. Could be because I was 3 when this card came out.
 Top Prospect cards are fun to look back on as even ones from 5 years ago have guys completely out of baseball or worse - Murderers

The Underdog didn't stop there though, he packed in this Sami Salo Lightning card which sad to say is my first since the days of Dino Cicarelli, Brian Bradley and Darren Puppa. Just haven't gotten into hockey cards as much as baseball again yet but I think this card may change that. See your Ducks in the finals hopefully!

Also got a trade package from Infield Fly Rule
 I will be posting later but this guy is making it difficult. Until next time............


  1. Let me know what Braves you need -- years and companies and such. I've got tons from the 1970s and 1980s that I could send you.

    1. That would be awesome I was born in 88 so pretty much anything Before then I don't hav e. I'll go thru your want lists and email you mine is jeffrey matthew jones (at) g mail DOT com

  2. The Underdog is a great guy and a generous trader. That Hank Aaron is terrific.