Sunday, May 10, 2015

Home sick, no scanner. Posting anyways - New Cards

I am currently working in Miami for a couple days or so and thus haven't been able to post any of my trade packages my wife has told me about. Working out of town sucks, nothing to do after work, no cards here, still reading all of your blogs, getting an itch to buy cards... 

So the other night I stumbled in Walmart like an addict, and like a responsible adult settled for the $5 rack pack to go along with my frozen Mac N Cheese and Jamaican beef patties.

 Pardon the terrible photograpy.

Not too bad 3 inserts and a couple World Series cards (please take these.)

 I don't HATE the Giants but still feel that Posey Was Out in 2010 NLDS and am thus bitter, just like the outfield fly rule vs the Cards and 2013 NLDS with the Dodgers where Juan Uribe walked off as Craig "best closer on the planet" Kimbrel watched from the bullpen... but i've went on off on a tangent here. Sorry getting swept by your division rival will do that to you.

Anyways speaking of Kimbrel, Underdog is the one who encouraged me to post scannerless.  Got my first trade package in the mail from Underdog right before I came down and didn't get a chance to blog about it. I will however when I get back into town as well as the other packages i've gotten since.

One package I did open from 300 miles away (via Skype) is a birthday card from my Grandmother with a check for $50 which my wife put in the bank for me. I called my Mammaw to thank her and she proceeded to tell me "Spend the money on something for you Jeffrey not food or bills!"

So naturally I ended up at Target...

 Got a 2015 Bowman Blaster which had an Orange Wave pack in side. Seems like everyone dislikes this set but I like the design despite the foil names which admittledly are hard to read. Also got a top 100 insert, a mini shimmer and some sort of foil parallel.

Also got a buyback box filled with 10 2014 pack s and got to rip my first back of Allen & Ginter which had this relic inside. Up for trade for the right price 
Probably going to try to collect most of the non-baseball sets of Allen & Ginter as I love every one I have seen so far. Also got these 2 shiny cards from Topps 2014 out of the 2014 repack box.

So going out of town for me equals a bunch of new cards and I have 3 or 4 trade packages to blog about when I get home as well as my first order from Just Commons


  1. Great Bowman blaster Jeff! I'd definitely be interested in the orange Mateo if it's up for grabs.

    1. Figured you'd like that one. It's yours, I'll send it out when I get back in town.

  2. I feel for you being in Miami. Honestly, it's one of my least favorite cities. Coral Gables isn't bad, but Miami proper...well, it's not good.

    1. Actually staying in Coral Springs. Went to B.R.A.D 's Sports cards and all they had was Pokémon, yugioh, Magic cards. Told Brad he should change the name...

  3. Nice job getting the orange wave pack! They're pretty tough to come by!

    Also, welcome to the card blogosphere! Always nice to have another Braves fan/collector around!