Friday, May 29, 2015

Flea Market scores - Space WIzard

Went to the local Flea Market last Saturday and picked up a couple of cards. Really like this Wonders of the Universe card out of 2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions.

Grabbed this nice thick Ozzie out of the quarter box

 Here's 2 prospects the Braves picked up over the offseason. Ricardo Sanchez is only 18 but has given up 14 runs in 14 IP so far this season in A ball. Meanwhile Rio Noble Ruiz is hitting a whopping .165 at AA Mississippi. Neither guy is starting his Braves career out very well but I especially like Ruiz.

Cool high school shot of Heyward I didn't have and a sweet mullet shot of Klesko with the Terminator-esque Gwinnett Braves logo from the 90's

I don't thin you can go wrong with a shiny HOFer.... until you scan them. The Smoltz especially looks great in-hand.

Closed it out with a few Deions for the PC. The Stadium Club is a cool shot as always, I saw that "Deion Drops In" on one of Nick Dimebox's old posts and was stoked to add it to my collection. Didn't have this years GQ, odd to see him in Reds but that is where he played last. Bottom right card is 2003 Leaf Limited #'d 987/999, my first serial card of his.