Monday, May 25, 2015

Trade with 2x3 Heroes : Bravos

I wrote about my trade with Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes the other day but since he sent me so many cards I only covered the hockey cards he sent me. Well here are the Braves cards he sent me:

Clean looking 2014 Allen & Ginter Kimbrel relic

 Can't go wrong with 4 new Chippers for the binder, my first die cut of his

One of these is not like the others.... Love the Fleer Star Stickers. 2 Freeman rookie cards I didn't have and I think this 2012 Topps Freeman completes my team set.
Cool Gold coin that i'm guessing didn't count as a hit like the First Home Run fabricated coins Topps put out this year... don't like those fabricated relics but this one is a great looking card of the Hammer.
Fleer was another brand I always liked. Didn't have either of these paper like matte finished Kleskos. 
 Some assorted Upper Deck cards he sent me. These are just  a fraction to show all the different sets he sent over. Like I said in the previous post he sent 5 team bags crammed full and about 2 of them were Braves.
As much as I try to dislike them these newer Donruss cards are growing on me logos or not. Great shot of Bourn robbing a homer at Yankee Stadium. I'm gonna need to find the rest of the Topps 206 set.

Thanks again for the cards Jeff. If you haven't already check out his great blog 2x3 Heroes. This isn't even half of what he sent me just the highlights.

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  1. Now all these cards can be loved instead of stuck in a box. I REALLY REALLY like those matte finished Fleer cards. If I could find a couple boxes of those I would love to build the set.