Saturday, May 30, 2015

Panini: Change of Heart

In one of my first posts I stated my distaste for Donruss/Panini due to the lack of logo/licensing. Well a month later and here we are.  I made my first purchase the other day and got it in the mail recently.

Once the Braves traded Heyward in the offseason, Alex Wood became my favorite current Braves player. Got this auto #'d 90/99 for about $2, my first of his. The picture is a good one, showing Woody's funky delivery.

 Still love Diamond Kings logos or not, Shelby Miller listed as an Atlanta Baseball Club player, obviously still in his Red Bird garb. Oh well still a nice looking card with a fancy finish. The Bethancourt looks the best in my opinion  but I love catchers gear cards. For some reason the Jace Peterson has him in Padre blue, lists him with San Francisco on the back then goes on to describe him as a San Diego player. Nice editing Panini.

Weird that some of the 2015 Donruss cards have Folty as a Brave and some have him still as an Astro, I know for sure there's a dual relic auto with him with Atlanta and another auto which I have coming in the mail listed with Atlanta too.

These Prizms aren't my favorites but I collect all of these guys so whatever. I got a lot more cards from the same order that were of the Topps monopoly variety which i'll post tomorrow. 

Also made a trip to a new flea market today which I'll save for Monday. As always thanks for reading.

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  1. Those Diamond King cards look stunning- can't wait to see some in hand.