Thursday, April 30, 2015

FOLTY TIME: My trip to a semi LCS

It's Folty time in Atlanta, our rotation has been terrible so far this year and all signs point to Mike Foltynewicz making his first big league start tomorrow. I can't wait to see what this guy does as he throws gas and has a 2.08 ERA, a 2.48 FIP and a K/9 of 12.46 over 4 starts in AAA. Got this card for a dime at the flea market card show. 

 Got the Julio for a dollar at the LCS and this is my first Jace card another dime card show pickup. Gotta love 1st Bowmans.
So I was working about an hour and a half north of the house today and stumbled across a LCS. Pretty messy inside and hard to look around so I grabbed some prospects out of a opened 2014 Bowman box the guy had laying around with all the other mixed up junk in his store. The only LCS in Tampa is super small and overpriced I usually end up just buying my daughter Pokemon cards and leaving since I never find anything not crazily overpriced.

But the prize of all was I got these 4 postcard sized cards for $2

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  1. I'm also excited about Folty- hope he develops into that top of the rotation guy we desperately need. Those oversized cards are cool- especially the Deion!