Monday, April 27, 2015

Crackin' Packs - 2015 GQ

So I decided to experiment a little bit and bought one 3 pack at Walmart and one 3 pack at Target (also grabbed 2 6 card packs) to see if the pearl and white parallels differ at all.

Here's my haul
 The minis - Got a gold Zach Britton #'d /99 and a red Ian Kennedy #'d /50. Only plan on keeping the Gattis so if your collecting the minis let me know.

 Here's my favorites and the inserts. Also pulled a Buster Posey Pillars of the Community but set that aside for a friend. Somebody get those stinkin' Mets out of here.
And of course the white framed parallels got the top 3 from Target and the bottom 3 from Walmart as you can see NO DIFFERENCE

I love this years Gypsy Queen set and will probably buy more even though I have a Braves base team set coming in the mail. These aren't all the cards I got just my favorites if you are looking for a team or certain card let me know. I am new here to the card blogosphere but want to get into trading with you all. I have been buying/selling/trading records for about 10 years so I am expierienced with mailing fragile goods.

As always thanks for looking.


  1. You did well!
    Is this a relatively new blog for you? Seems I've missed it...
    If you're trading as well as blogging, I'd love to swing something for the Kennedy mini and the bearded Sutton.

  2. Thanks man I'm looking for the high #'d Braves from this year (McGriff and Mathews) and the other Braves inserts but any Braves will do really. Do you mean the Sutter?