Friday, April 24, 2015

Catching up

So,  new to this whole baseball card blogosphere catching up. 

Mail day in the first picture here, the Lemke I got out of a 25 cent junk pack at the flea market card show last weekend, a Big Papi minors card I found in my stack recently, Kimbrel I got auto'd this spring in Dunedin.. last time seeing him pitch for the Braves...

Also is it just me that can't get into the Donruss/Panini cards without the logos on the hats/jerseys..

I'll post again tomorrow, hope to do some trading with you all

PS sorry my pictures suck


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Jeff (Note to self: don't send any Donruss/Panini Braves...)

    1. Well if it's a wood or simmons I won't mind just sucks Topps has the solo license miss Upper Deck

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