Friday, February 5, 2016

The Braves, In Order - A Trade Post

Tom from The Angels, In Order sent me a fat stack of Braves recently, let's dig in. 

Starting off with a trio of minis. One of these guys actually still plays for the Braves though he's on his second stint. 

This awesome Murph pin was also included

Dale got his 1,600th hit exactly one month after I was born. I looked up the score of the game on the day I was born the day my son was born,  the Braves lost both days. Maybe that means by the time my son is 4 the Braves will be good again.

Fleer Ultra was awesome, love that dugout shot of Javy. 

Donruss sucks now but it used to be one of my favorites every year as a kid. 

This Andruw Hot Commodities is printed on cardstock very similar to last year's Diamond Kings set, very cool insert. 

Andruw bomb! I think these combined with the sixty or so I grabbed out of a nickle box at the flea market recently put me over 100 different Andruw cards. I guess I need to make him an official PC and start my campaign to get one of the best center fielders ever into the Hall. 

GOLDDDDD! Sheff always looked weird as a Brave even though he hit the cover off the bask his lone season in Atlanta. 

This trade package was assisted by Papoy all the way from France.

New Neon cards are always welcome no matter what country they come from. 

Thank goodness for baseball cards or noone would remember Deion played for the Giants. Loving all these Pinnacle cards.

Closing this one out with a new Stadium Club for the Sanders binder. Thanks for all the great cards Tom (& Kevin) I've got something to send both of you soon. 

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  1. Great stuff! My Deion collection is missing out on his time in San Fran.