Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 Topps - First Look

Between my day shift and night shift today I ran into Target to pick up my first of the new cards. I bumped into a greasy pack searcher rubbing all the loosy packs down so I opted for a jumbo pack and headed out.

Bruce Hooper what are you doing here, shouldn't you be dyeing your hair silver or something?

Anyways here's my first 2016 card of the year,  Lance Lynn who would be a sign of things to come. 

I also pulled card #1, a great shot of Trout!

Onto the parallels, got a golden Rizzo. I like the honey comb effect of these. 

Here's the back, the pictures are all awful because I had about 2 minutes to take them all.

Here's a rainbow foil,  though you can't really tell from the photo. 

Boom, Bryant insert! Sorry Cubs fans I'm holding onto this one for now. This insert set looks really cool.

But not as cool as "Perspectives", absolutely love this card and all the others from this set I've seen.  Will probably end up chasing all these down as it's one of my favorite insert sets ever.

Told you the Lynn was a sign of things to come.  Another Cardinals insert. 

Another one!? Really Topps? Though I'll admit these look really nice as well, good job on the inserts so far.

Closing out this rack pack with my favorite base card out of the pack. Love the way his bat frames the shot. I'm in love with the borderless design and this card really makes it shine. 

In true retail fashion I pulled zero Braves because of course,  anyways thanks for stopping by and checking out the new product with me. 


  1. Good stuff, I love the Wrigley insert! I'm gonna try to track down that Perspectives set too!

    1. I wish there was a Brave to chase, hopefully Series 2

  2. Good to see everyone seems to have a favorable opinion of the new Topps set. I'll definitely be grabbing a few packs when I can.

  3. The Trout card is beautiful. A great choice for for card #1. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The Wacky Packages awesome. I can't wait til those mlb boxes are released.

  5. I pulled the same Pujols debut card. I did get an Olivera RC, so that was alright.

  6. Fellow Braves collector here. I pulled two '16 Series 1 cards that I don't need: Markakis & Freeman. They're yours if you want them!

    1. I actually pulled a Freeman today, sure shoot me an email (in my bio)