Sunday, February 7, 2016

Flea Market Round Up V

Got back out to the flea market after a whole 14 days away and picked up some cool stuff for 13 dollars total.

Stopped by to see the guy who runs the monthly card show first and found this Dock Ellia auto in a 2 dollar box! A great addition to my small PC of his.

He also had a stack of these Cooperstown cards, grabbed a bunch but these 2 were my favorites. Check out Jackie's KC jersey! 

Picked this one up because I know somebody is putting these color cards together but I can't think of who now. Let me know and this Rickey's yours. 

My lone hockey card of the day was this Artifacts of Heddy. The Lightning are on a roll, they just beat Pittsburgh 6-3 and are peaking at the right time, sitting in 2nd place as we creep closer to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

I haven't looked thru too many football boxes since my Falcons season ended but found this Bartkowski randomly in a mixed stack. Go Broncos!

This Chipper was the last card I picked up from that vendor. I picked up some cards for others as well all for $5.

One of the ladies I always pop into to see gave me a brand new Braves shirt as soon as I walked in her shop. I picked these 2 cards and some trade bait for 2 bucks including the shirt. 

My vintage guy had 2 huge nickle boxes out of newer cards and I snagged these rookies plus a ton of cool stuff for others at a nickle per.

I guess I'm somewhat of a regular at Big Top now because as soon as I walked up to one of the vendors in the garage sale aisle he had a stack of Braves tucked in the corner of his display case for me. These 3 were needs for my 70's team sets and I got all 3 for a dollar.


On Saturday some friends of ours were having a moving sale and we went despite the dreary, rainy conditions. I was handed a box and told for ten bucks to fill it up. 

Ok I grabbed this box set of R. Crumb cards first while my son dumped stuffed animals and dinosaurs into said box. If you've never seen Fritz the Cat yout are missing out. 

How could I leave this behind?

Picked up these 2 CDs as well and a Holly Hunt record. 

A couple books so I look smart. 

All told it was a great bargain digging weekend, and I worked both days! Enjoy your Super Bowl parties,  thanks for reading! 


  1. I've never been to a moving sale where there was actually anything worth buying - looks like you made out pretty well.

  2. Anything of Dock Ellis is cool, much less an autograph of his.

  3. Lol. That Fritz card looks interesting. And that Dock autograph is awesome!