Friday, February 5, 2016

Cardboard Anonymous 2016 Topps

My name is Jeff and I'm addicted to cardboard. 

There I feel better now that that's out. Anyways I picked up 2 more jumbo packs from Target. Got the cover boy here in one of the better photos I've pulled yet. I knew he was the MVP but didn't realize he had a 9.5 WAR, pretty cool their putting that on the card backs now.

My first Brave of 2016 is Bo Porter.... oh wait it's the Franchise Freddie Freeman standing behind him i'm being told. Not bad, I grabbed a last minute spot in Nachos Grandes group break so if you need any Braves let me know.

These photos are boring, feel bad Topps. 

I don't care though I like this set alot and am going after Series 1. I've bought 3 Jumbo packs have pulled zero dupes and am at 93/350 base cards. So if you have any dupes for trade shoot me a line,  i'll replace them with cards you actually want/like.

Ok onto the inserts,  not as spectacular a selection as my first pack but I really like this Abreu. Very Triple Threads-ish, headed to that other Jeff.

What the hell is this, I just pulled these cards from a repack last June. I don't need reprints of them too..

Ok I like these but am not going after the inserts, both for trade. 

Again all for trade. Like the Pressed Into Service concept but not going after it or anything.

Gonna show some more base because these are new. Sue me.

One of these is not like the others!.

Hey I know these guys, both have been traded since these cards were drawn up. 

Final Four. Young guns taking over the game. Thanks for stopping by,  enjoy the new cards cus it means baseball season is upon us. 


  1. Nice pack! I'd love the two Debuts, the O'Neill, and the First Pitch. I don't think I'm putting the set together so I should be able to help out with your Wantlist once you put it together.

    1. Ok I pulled the Pujols debut if you need that one. I actually just did a want list, found here-

  2. I've seen the Corey Seager RC in just about every 2016 review. Apparently, those Seagers are cheap, but I'll bet I could open a BOX and not pull that one. lol

  3. Needed Seager, but I guess it's spoken for. How about First Pitch Aoki? I'll take that.

    1. I'm sure I'll pull 4, i'll send you any Dodgers I come across Owl