Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tony Drops A Bomb - A Trade Post

Recieved a surprise package in the mail the other day from the man himself Tony of Off Hiatus lover of all things Brewers. 

Tony included a small note as if to brace me for what he had packed inside the helpless bubble mailer...

BEHOLD my first Smoltzy autograph.  All I can say is wow, the blogosphere and it's inhabitants generosity continues to amaze me.

 Thanks so much Tony, my favorite pitcher of all time now has a center piece to my PC.

Tony didn't stop there though he hit on a couple more of my PCs with these awesome Invincible cards I'd never seen until he offered them up on his blog a few weeks back.

But wait there's more, I had the fielding Chipper and mentioned that on Tony's giveaway post but he sent all four for good measure. 

Pretty sure this NASCAR card was included to protect the precious Smoltz auto within but why let it languish, any racing collectors want this metal Yarborough? 

Drawn and Quartered: http://youtu.be/rFauYzx0U-g

Thanks for all the great cards Tony, closing this one out with my favorite song off my buddy Dave's new album "Broken Rope" I don't know how to embed the video so you'll have to click the link above to hear it.

Here's a view from my free seats my buddy hooked us up with free booze and food. Finishing this post up between the first and second periods and the Lightning are up a goal.  


  1. Yeah, no doubt that Cale card was to protect Smoltzy!

    I was happy to surprise you with that after the great packages you've sent my way.

  2. Oh man, that is a cool Smoltz. Tony is a cool dude!

    Hockey, food and booze. Sounds like a fun evening.