Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2 PWEs in One Day - HSCA / WRJ

Came home to 2 PWEs recently and both had plenty of new cards for my various collections:

The first was from Tony of Wrigley Roster Jenga fame.

He stuffed it full of Chippers, at least 5 or 6 new ones for the binder.  I really need to get that one organized as it's at least 250 cards strong 

SI for Kids cards will always be welcome around here. As will cards depicting 2 of the greatest third basemen ever (Braves or not)

I am half heartedly completing this set or sets. There were 3 years that all look the same but I just organized them and should have a list up soon. 

The last card from from Tony was this oddball of Smoltzy. Not sure what "Yes I can" is supposed to mean but it'll go with the other Smoltz 's just the same. 

The second envelope was from Brian who writes HSCA, he knocked off 6 cards from my Stadium Club want list.

Which is pretty fitting since this is at least our 6th trade. 

He also threw in some shiny Braves..

..and closed it out with a pair of Joneses.

Thanks for all the great cards guys, I've already got some stuff ready to go out to you guys. 


  1. Glad those Chippers were new for you - it just seemed wrong that a player of such stature was banished to my trade boxes.

  2. I like that cartoon card of Smoltz- that's funny. Great additions to the collection, especially the Chippers.

  3. I read recently that Andruw Jones is thinking about retiring. I wonder how his extended time hanging on in lesser leagues will impact his Hall of Fame cred - I think he's right on the edge. I just hope he gets a little more love than Jim Edmonds did.

    1. I think he's trying to sign on with a club for one last year. The guy won 10 Gold Gloves in a row and is one of the best center fielders ever, I think he should I get in but we'll see