Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's Not Subjective, the Guy's a Great Trader

Now while I haven't been keeping count I'd guess guess this is the 7th or 8th trade package I've gotten from Brian of HSCA fame.

This isn't just any old oddball of Bob Buhl folks...

It's a 1951 Johnston Cookies oddball and it is my new most favorite oddball in my collection. Thanks for this gem Brian!

The guy also sent over an unopened pack of Topps LASER, I opened it but all the cards are going to other bloggers so i'll hold off on showing them here.

This hologram of TP may be making the short trip up to Orlando with me in a couple weeks. Pendleton is a great signer and a nice guy to boot, hopefully he tosses me a couple more balls this year.

Nice mix of newish cards here, I particually like that Bowman refractor of Andruw.

I had seen these 1965 Topps Embossed All Star cards all over the blogs but never had one for myself until now. Torre's not a bad name for the first one either!

Of course being a package from Minnesota this one was jammed with great vintage from all over including these three needs for my Braves Team set project! Thank for all the great cards Brian, i've got something lined up  to shoot back your way just waiting til after the card show tomorrow to tape it up along with a ton of other trade packages that should be going out early next week.


  1. Man alive, Buhl had some eyebrows in his day. Seriously, they must've become lovely butterflies at some point down the road.

  2. Brian's definitely one of the most generous traders out there. All great cards here, but I think the best has to be that Buhl. It's not every day someone sends you a '50s oddball.

  3. Brian was already a SUPER trader. sent some nice cards to you with my fave being the Johnston Buhl. I love the odballs - and cookies.

    1. I'm known as the cookie monster around my house. Bummed I missed out on the Super Traders but I trade with more than half of them already..