Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm NOT A Night Owl - A Trade Post

Recieved a package in the mail from The Night Owl recently and just got around to snapping some pictures of the goodies inside last night. So in true Night Owl form late last night I added the pictures to this post and.... passed out while they were still uploading.

I'm the oldest 27 year old man alive apparently.  Ah well that's not going to stop me from writing these cards up. 

I guess there was a Dodger in Maddux's spot in the Night Binder because this is a pretty awesome Night Card at the soon to be vacant Turner Field. Still crazy to think that in 14 months I'll be attending a Braves game in a third home park. Like I said oldest 27 year old alive. 

I recently joined the Official Set Builders Club and chose 2015 Stadium Club to get started. Night Owl sent over a few needs including this Doc which was my favorite and an example of why this set is worthy of being built.  

In the end though I'm still a Braves hoarding maniac so this mini of PC guy and staff ace Julio was very much appreciated. Teheran got engaged over the offseason to former Miss Colombia competitor Yoselin Rincon

She's a former swimsuit model so this was a tame one for the blog

I follow a Colombian fan account of Julio on instagram and the guy is always posting Spanish tabloid clippings of the 2. Apparently Julio already knocked her up, good job! Now go pitch like a Papi this year. 

Anyways.... thanks for scanning my want lists Owl. I would've never known I needed this card,  I mean he's wearing a Red Sox uniform. 

More team set needs!  Thanks for all needed cards N.O. I'll be hitting you back very soon.

I was up late getting all these trade packages together,  14 in total. 9 bubblers and 5 PWEs going out later today. 


  1. The Owl is simply supreme! As far as a new stadium goes, it's a bit much. I caught a game when the stadium was only a couple years old. It's like buying a new car, paying it off then wanting another new car - only with extra zeroes on the price tag. Hope the new stadium has an old-time feel to it!