Sunday, February 7, 2016

CONTEST REMINDER + 2015 Topps - A Final Review

First a contest reminder - CONTEST LINK HERE

Just comment over there *or here your guess at the score of the game tonight and whoevers closest wins a customized prize package.

Anyways before boxing them up for all eternity I went through and collated my remaining 2015 Topps cards that weren't sent off in trades or into my PCs, binders, etc.

I have 167/350 of the base set. Don't plan on finishing it so let me know if you need anything or maybe the whole lot.

Around 50 dupes. You want em, let me know! I also have a lot of 2014 and a smaller lot of 2013 available as well.

I sent about 200 out in trades and such so maybe I had almost a complete set at one point but have no desire to complete it.

One thing I noticed whole collating what I had left is that almost all the backgrounds are blurred out really bad. Everyone seems to be complaining about that with this year's set but they did it last year too. 

These were just 3 random cards I flipped to but almost all the cards are like this. 

 I like both sets WAY better than most of the last decade or so just because no white borders. 

Anyways if you need any of these let me know, if you have time check my '16 want list at the top of the page. Just my 2 cents, thanks for reading. 


  1. You're right, maybe it's just that the 2015 design was better to the point where it didn't bug us as much :-) Do you have any of the Update or Post season 2015 cards?

  2. I have some update I'll check your lists