Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nachos Grande Group Break Haul

I signed up for Nachos Grande 2016 case break at the last minute and got my haul in the mail earlier this week.

Of course I got a ton of Braves base cards. The Grilli is my favorite photo of them all. If you need any of these let me know if your working on the set or just want a Braves team set, I have extras of all of them. 

Chris pulled three rainbow parallels for me. I didn't pull any hits or gold parallels but these aren't bad since Freeman and Teheran are both guys I PC.

I did pretty good on buybacks with 2 coming from packs I opened as a kid, thanks for making me feel old Topps. I guess the red are common and the silver are scarce?  Good job putting a stamp right over Chippers face.

Hit on 3 of the Berger's Best inserts, I got 2 of the Aaron but ones for Tony. I don't even know if I have that '95 Smoltz..

Like me, Chris is trying to complete the much maligned set so when he offered to trade some team sets he got stuck with iwas quick to let him hold onto a Braves team set in exchange for the Pirates, Blue Jays & Red Sox. 

Cutch just looks weird without his dreads.

Love what looks like a walkoff shot of Josh Harrison.

This will probably be THE card of this set. I heard the pitcher that gave this one up was pissed about this card.

Didn't wanna leave the Red Sox out so this cool fielding shot of All Star utility man Brock Holt leaping out of the mist wins the best photo. 

Thanks for hosting the break Chris and for the extra cards towards my set!

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  1. The pitcher for the Rangers got the baseball version of posterized by Joey Bats. Man I love that card. The funny thing is Bautista and Holt are former Pirates.

    I think Harrison is celebrating scoring a big run and giving the thumbs up to whomever got that hit.