Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ripping Packs - Football Edition

OK I know most of you come here for the baseball cards but I collect football as well so your just gonna have to deal with it.. I've been doing pretty good on my "no retail" policy i've been trying to implement on myself but every once in a while a new product comes out I want to sample.

I picked up a blaster of the Rookies & Stars from Target and a single pack of Donruss at my monthly card show. Let's see what I got.

Here's the parallels I pulled, no interest in any of these guys so if you need them or know anyone who does let me know and i'll let them go for a song.

Here's the promised manu-relic that comes in every box. Again no allegiance to either player or the Ravens. What the hell happened to the Ravens anyway, the NFL is a funny league this year with the Packers losing 3 straight, the Bears playing really well lately and the Texans ending the Bengals undefeated streak.

Anybody collect Bucs, they've surprised everyone a bit this year I'd say with a 4-5 record already doubling their win total from last year.

Rookies & STARS! Oh I get it! These are probably the best 2 teams in the NFC, the Falcons play them 3 of their final 7 games so we'll find out if they go to the playoffs and are worthy of being there over that span. Cam should win MVP and I am not a Cam fan at all just don't think Brady should get it with his weapons, defense and coaching that he gets year after year. The Panthers would have 2 or 3 wins with any other QB.

This guy looks to be running away with rookie of the year unless another SEC player (shown later in this post) outlasts him.

Crusade makes another appearance, this design seems to pop up in all kinds of releases but i'm not complaining as I think it looks great.

I seem to have terrible luck pulling Falcons out of packs but got these 2 rookies to beat the odds. All in all I like this product but probably won't buy anymore retail of it this year.

On to the Donruss!

Here's the base card - My favorite one, I didn't actually pull this one I ordered the team set online.

I like this design but am not going to go crazy and chase the set or anything, I'm kind of anti border so these don't do too much for me. 

OK here's the inserts I pulled out of my pack - Jordy Nelson... poor guy always hate to see a guy get hurt before the season even starts even if it is a guy on a team I really don't like.

Closing it out with a nice looking card of the only other rookie of the year candidate to me. This guy and Derek Carr are really lighting it up out west and I'd say they are another surprise team in the league this year and are right in the wild card mix.
I know I've posted this before but if you collect football Pro or College and we don't already trade let me know and I should be able to whip up a pretty good trade package for you. As always thanks for reading and Go Falcons!

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  1. You got a lot of the big names with Winston, Gurley and Cooper!