Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Over the Rockies and Thru the Woods...

Adam over at Infield Fly Rule sent me a surprise package the other day. We had traded before but I wasn't expecting this...

Big ol box of Braves. I won't show all or even half but let's check out some of my favorites that Adam sent over. 

More Finest Glavine, while not as awesome as the '94 above. It's just 

Ok I'm gone be honest this is my first 1997 Topps cards and the crazy thing is I was collecting in '97. I guess I was so caught up in Upper Deck/Collector's Choice that I didn't bother buying any packs. 

So thanks Adam, I'm caught up 18 years later. I probably did have a few of these but I traded alot as a kid and probably traded these boring green bordered guys for shiny UD or Metal Universe.

Like these! I mean c'mon sorry to you Topps loyalists but Upper Deck owned the 90's to me. These are my first special edition marked cards from this set as well.

More Upper Deck magic,  love that shot of Smoltzy.  Probably celebrating one of his many strikeouts. 

Always loved this Score set, I opened a ton of these packs as a youngster but had really bad luck pulling Braves. I definitely remember trading that exact Andruw to my cousin Jon-Ryan for a Chipper Metal Universe card. 

More Flagship cards from sets I have embarrassingly too few cards of. What can I say I guess I hated Topps as a kid.

I mean even in it's infancy Upper Deck was putting out great cards. 


Only fitting for a Rockies fan to send me this one of Murph. Again thanks for all the great cards Adam I'll be getting you a worthy return package soon. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading. 

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