Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cards from Cards on Cards + Football talk

Cards on Cards posted some Chrome retail he busted when they first came out and we got our first trade together based off this Minor sepia card which looks amazing in the light. 

He sent over these as well. I was able to send him most of the Cardinals team set in exchange and already have more Cards lined up to send over. 

He also sent over some older cards though they were just as appreciated. Love this Kmart Aaron.

I took several other pictures but they all look like this. If you couldn't tell by now my scanner died a few weeks back and I have been lacking in posting since. Any suggestions on a good cheap scanner?  I have several trade posts to catch up on as well as some great scores I've made recently. 

Anyways sorry for the poor pictures but wanted to get a post up thanking Madding for all the great cards, just wish I was able to showcase more of them. 

I don't have any new college football cards to post but this is a huge weekend for it with FSU Clemson and LSU Bama having huge implications on who we'll see in the playoff who do you think wins. I'm going with State and Bama. Mostly because I want to crush the Seminoles as much as possible in that last game and play Bama in the SEC title game. 

Took this of the future first round pick at the ECU game.

Me and my son at his first football game.

Hope you all have a great football weekend. Go Gators and Falcons!


  1. I just bought a cheap scanner yesterday. I'm going to give it a whirl this evening at some point. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    1. Scanner bought = success. $45 printer/scanner/copier combo. HP DeskJet 2547. Pretty cheap. Does it's job.

  2. Nice cards to add to the collection! I too, really like those KMart cards. Looks like your son's enjoying himself with dad. What an awesome way to build that relationship!