Friday, November 13, 2015

Farewell to the Best Glove in Baseball

Yesterday was a sad day for Braves fans as they traded away the best defensive player in baseball to the Angels for more young pitcing and a veteran SS in Erick Aybar. So in the last 13 months the Braves had traded away 3/4ths of thier 2011-14 core in Simmons, Heyward and Kimbrel. Poor Freddie Freeman... the Braves look to be going into full on rebuild mode Astros style. I'll admit as a kid growing up in the 90's in Atlanta I'm probably a very spoiled baseball fan. Man is it painful to see all your favorites go...

Changing the subject to something less depressing, none other than Primetime! How did I not have this great card in my collection (I know because it's a Reds card) But man this dude.

This "Preview" Upper Deck card of Greg Maddux was one of the coolest cards I found in my most recent flea market trip, which is where all these cards came from.

I had about 3 of the Braves cards from this set and was able to knock a huge chunk out in one fell swoop.

Those black diamond cards are so nice. I guess this /150 Glavine is part of a huge set but it's my first one of this kind. 

Picked up this sealed Durham Bulls team set. I think it ran me 2 bucks, gotta love the flea market.

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