Friday, November 20, 2015

Update Chrome - The Easy Way

I see you blogosphere, I watched with awe as you all opened box after box of the shiny fancy Topps Update Holiday Boxes with the 2 exclusive Chrome Update packs. But I couldn't do it, I even went to Target and had one in my hands but settled for a rack pack of Update instead. I went the 2015 route and went to eBay and for $4 total I got both Braves base cards from the set.

Shelby Miller - he of terrible luck and many trade rumors. The Royals haven't even been Champs for a month and the Braves have traded 2 starters from last years lineup. Shelby and Julio Teheran are apparently being discussed with the Cubs in regards to a young bat hopefully that means Soler or Baez if the right package can be put together. We'll see the Braves new regime sure loves making trades.

Speaking of trades Folty here was just acquired last offseason for Evan Gattis.Hopefully this kid can harness his easy 96mph fastball and be the next deGrom or Synndegard.

Picked up this one /499 for $3 of the Braves 2015 2nd round pick.

Love how American this card is of 2015 1st round pick and high school teammates with Lucas Herbert. Pretty crazy...

Here's a link to the article with a quote from the story.
The Braves did indeed pull the trigger on drafting both Herbert and Allard, an effective pitcher-catcher combo and among the more sought-after high school prospects for their positions in this year’s draft. Both players had commitments to UCLA but eagerly await their chance to sign their big league contracts once they graduate.


What have I done!? This huge card is awesome if you don't have any of these new fangled giant cards I don't know what to tell you other than that needs to change.

Sorry have to make it Extra Large because it's another huge card, I grabbed these 2 together for $6 both #/99.

My first new hockey cards of the year. hopefully they have some UD S1 at the card show tomorrow. Not a huge fan of the huge borders in this set but hey it's new Lightning cards.

My first 2015 Valor cards, these are pretty good looking like the mysterious tree thing in the background and as always i'm a sucker for filtered/arty cards. 

My first framed rookie from '15 GK

I pulled a pretty awesome framed card in my GK pack but it got shipped off last week. Party on Wayne....

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