Monday, November 16, 2015

Hoot! Cards from Night Owl

I recently recieved a package from the one and only Night Owl including this new to me '71 Don Sutton. I just recently picked up my first few vintage cards of the Braves radio man but this one had eluded me... until now thanks to Night Owl. 

I had 3/4 of these but these are all upgrades and plucked from a mighty Dodgers collection. They will be well taken care of.

Well you knew there'd be Braves cards eventually. Sadly this is my first Babe with him in a Braves uniform, not sure if there's tons more out there but I'll have to make an effort to track them down if so. 

Who doesn't love obnoxiously shiny cards?

Gold and shiny!

This is the 2nd trade package I've recieved lately that hit off my small want lists proving they really do work. I guess I'll need to get on those but running out of pages/binders recently has put a grinding halt to my organizing efforts. Luckily there's a show on Saturday where I plan to reload. 

Thanks again for all the great cards Night Owl! 

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  1. You're welcome. It took me awhile to realize that Ruth was in a Braves uniform.