Monday, November 9, 2015

Trade: Cardboard Clubhouse

Adam from Cardboard Clubhouse emailed me out of the blue not too long ago saying he had some newer Falcons to send me so we exchanged addresses and set up our first trade.

Adam is clearly a much more organized card blogger/trader than myself. I've been slacking recently but currently have  a big pile of packages ready to go out to my frequent trading partners right now so I am getting back on the horse as they say.

Gotta love Pitchers at the plate and I inexplicably didn't have this Smoltzy so thanks for filling that one in Adam.

Here's the '14 base cards as promised, I needed most of them so they were very welcome. What's not welcome is the way my Falcons have been playing lately. They lost to Blaine Gabbert and company and I was beside myself most of the night trying to figure out why and how... but I guess if you wanna look at the glass half full they've played horribly and are still in a wild card spot at 6-3 going into the bye. If you had told me that before the season started I would've taken it all day long so I will try to remain calm and get ready for a showdown with Andrew Luck and the Colts in Atlanta in 2 weeks.

Adam also sent over this sweet sealed Stadium Club team set which I am now going to crack since i've posted it. That 22 year old air smells nice!

My man, my copy of this card is all beat up as I used to carry it around as a sort of "wallet card" before there was such a thing and long before I had a wallet.

So Many Javy Rookies. This one's great, I think these are my first Pinnacle cards from this year.

Speaking of teams underperforming, here's one of the few Lightning players that's playing well lately.

This team has somehow forgot how to score goals and is letting Ben Bishop down nightly. I have confidence they'll turn it around and make the playoffs but it's been frustrating so far. This also reminded me I need to pick up some of the new UD S1  that just came out.

Gotta go! Thanks for all the great cards Adam and thanks for reading.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards. Looking forward too seeing what the return package holds.