Saturday, November 14, 2015

F Bombs in my mailbox : Part II

If you didn't know this from reading my blog I am fairly new to the modern card game. When I was last collecting before this year autographs/relics/patches were pie in the sky type dreams. I freaked out when I got an insert of one of my favorite players. Now as the Junior Junkie more eloquently put it the other day I have more income than the $5 allowance as a kid. I actually used to get 1990 Fleer packs instead of allowance and was perfectly happy with it.

This is my first patch, first card numbered to 10 or less and my first Freeman autograph. I got this for a pretty good deal and my picture doesn't do the card justice. I really like the shadowbox/see thru part of the card. I can see myself getting into more and more of this "high end cardboard" now. Thanks alot blogosphere.

This one also came in the mail recently, I won it for like 59 cents plus the cost of a stamp so not bad for a pretty good looking framed shiny insert card. Too bad Freddie will have zero major leaguers in their prime to play with on the diamond. Oh well...

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