Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Sports Card Expo In My Mailbox

Doug of Sportscards From The Dollar Store went to the Canada Sports Card Expo earlier this month and did some shopping for me. Thanks for saving me the trip pal! 

I saw this card on the top right away and let out a "No Way!" A mini puck autographed by Ben BISHOP! Awesome, plus it's from my favorite hockey release out there right now. Hopefully Bishop can get his first shutout tonight to finish off the Chicken Wings. 

My first Slater Koekkoek card is a relic from Artifacts which would be a close second in sets this year if I was ranking them. I was actually looking for a card of his at the card show this past weekend but refused to shell out $4-6 for a base rookie. There's only one guy that keeps Lightning stuff out there and all his stuff is insanely high, so thanks a ton for this one Doug!

The hits don't stop there however as seen with this Brett Connolly on card auto, he may be a Bruin now but I still like him as a player.

For the umpteenth time Doug sent me some cards from a set I had zero. The Silver Crown looks good.

All new for the PCs. 

These two were actually from a PWE Doug sent me the week before. Wish we had Stamkos for these playoffs but Drouin has been filling in nicely.

This Joe Haden auto was also in that first PWE, loved watching this kid play at Florida. Wish the Falcons would draft a Gators corner one of these days. Apparantly they're interested in Josh Norman, I don't know how to feel about that one.

Speaking of Gators defensive backs this 1970 O-Pee-Chee of Gators safety Bruce Bennett is my oldest Canadian football card  easily. 

French football 

Wrapping up this double trade package with 8 needs for my Topps 2016 set conquest. According to my list I'm only missing 1 card now. Thanks for these and all other great cards Douglas! Go Bolts!


  1. I knew you'd like that Bishop puck as soon as I saw it. And it ended up costing me less than the Koekkoek base rookies would have cost you from that dealer.

  2. Man Douglas really went crazy at the Expo, I've got some super sweet cardboard from him myself to show off soon! Great stuff all around.