Monday, April 25, 2016

Idaho's Best Trade Packages

Steve from The Card Chop recently sent me a care package full of Braves with a note saying he hoped they'd cheer me up for this dreadful season. I have no expectations so I'm trying to not let all this losing bother me but man it is hard to watch, especially the awful defense. Anyways let's get to the cards...

Steve had sent me some 1991 Dubuque cards before that i'd never seen and did it again with these 1990s. Easy to forget Justice started as an infielder.

Three more from the same set including personal favorites Lemke and Gant

1985 Hostess.. another set I'd never seen before today. Steve must have a bunker full of oddball Braves cards up there in Idaho.

1992 Lykes I'd seen before, I had a ton of these cards as a kid but only the 1995 ones survived. I'm guessing 4 year old me destroyed these while eating hot dogs.

This disc shaped oddball is from a 1993 set put out by Ben's Bakery. It looks to me like they still operate out of Sackville Nova Scotia. Good for them, this John Smoltz will fit nicely in my PC of his though it literally won't fit...

Steve posted one of these 1939 stamps commemorating the 100th anniversery of baseball a while back and I claimed the extra, very cool item and now the oldest baseball item in my collection

I honestly don't mind when cards this old were given the "Update" treatment before there was such a thing. Still great looking cards and all needed for the team sets.

The "S" on the pitcher cards is a mystery but these again all plug holes in my '64 team set.

The Phillies had a pretty good pitching staff in '67 it seems. Gonna be fun to see the potato sack set in Heritage next year. Am I the only one who instantly thinks "burlap sack" when seeing these?

The last of the vintage/oddball portion of this package was this much needed "Hank Aaron Special" Pretty great card making me realize I need four more Hanks.. this'll do for now.

Donruss makes hits not hits, Tim Hudson had a hell of a career with 200 wins and a World Series ring to cap it all off but now that i've seen the below picture it's all I can think of whenever I see Huddy

See what I mean?

This is my first manufactured Bat Barrel, very cool, thick card of one of my favorite players. I really miss McCann and saw he's playing some 1B now in New York which usually means a catcher is getting towards the end.

Finally Steve hit me with some 2016 set needs that knocked me down to one or two cards needed to complete the set. Maybe tonight i'll find time to finish bindering it up so I know for sure. I've had less time for cards and blogging lately and haven't been writing as much lately because of it. Thanks for reading and sticking with me! Most of all thanks to you Steve for all the great cards to blog about. I still owe trade posts to Shane D., Chris R., Mark Hoyle and JBF. I haven't forgotten you guys!


  1. I picked up one of the 39 stamps recently. A nice little collectable. Looks like a we have a showdown between the Braves and Bosox the next few days

  2. A bunker full of oddballs? Is that what folks think of us Idahoans- bunkers? As in crazies? Glad they showed up. Now I'm going back to the bunker and clean all my guns...

  3. I have never seen those Hostess or Lykes cards before - dear god do I miss food-issues. Additionally, yes, that is most definitely a burlap sack on 1968 Topps.

  4. The full gut and rebuild is tough to watch. I think the Braves are doing a nice job adding guys to the system so hopefully it doesn't take more than a couple of years to be relevant again.

    I love that Ben's Smoltz card.

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