Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Minnesota Stadium Club

So as of tonight only 2 teams have yet to win a game in the 2016 MLB season. The Twins and the Braves. Well I don't know if he knew it or not this PWE from Brian HSCA cheered me up.

The ten Stadium Club cards he sent got me down to 75 to go.  Not bad, I'm sure I'll find some at this month's card show. 

This first edition Smoltz reminded me of better times. You know when the Braves were good. Right now they're off to their worst start since 1988. I was born in May of 1988.. this is the worst Braves team in my lifetime. 

Oh how I miss you Andruw. Gold Glove defense and 30 HRs a year... 

Brian even sent some football cards to take my mind off  terrible baseball. The Gators played thier Spring game the other day and actually appear to have a real life quarterback that can throw the ball! Luke Del Rio for President!

Thanks for all the great cards Brian if you haven't already, check out his blog here - HSCA

Well here's what I'll be doing tonight!

Oh I'm watching the Braves game too, they've gotta win sometime!


  1. I know the Twins won't lose tonight for sure! ... they have the day off.
    Best of luck to the Bravos, they can't lose all of them.

  2. If the Twins and Braves had a series coming up I would guess every game would be rained out.

    1. I just checked the schedule and they do have two series via interleague play this season - probably not a coincidence given this is the 25th anniversary of the 1991 Series.