Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Great Trade Catch Up Week - Wrigley Roster Jenga

Behind on trades again.. the perpetual "problem" of blogging and trading. Not that I'm complaining mind you. Including this PWE from Tony who writes the always informative blog Wrigley Roster Jenga I have 4 trade packages with 2 more on the way I know of to write about so let's get started.

Tony pulled this Dansby out of  a Contenders blaster and was nice enough to send it my way. Swanson's hitting .350/.422/.500/.922 with 6 doubles so far this year in High A. Hoping he makes a Conforto type leap to the majors soon.

Switching from the future to the past there was a nice mix of mini oddball reprints in this particular envelope as well. Well since Mr. Roster Jenga himself sent these to me why not learn a little bit about baseball history while looking at these old players - From Johnny Cooney's SABR bio (found here )
"In 1920, at the age of 19, Cooney became a pitcher for the Willimantic team of the American Thread Athletic Association, an industrial league, hurling a 1-0 perfect game on August 20 against Rockville.[1] Cooney pitched his gem under most unusual circumstances, according to a 1949 article in The Sporting News. On his way to the game, the train on which he was traveling struck an automobile and killed four people. Johnny tried to help get the victims out of the car, but couldn't, and became physically sick. But he took a few sniffs of ammonia to overcome the experience, then went out and pitched the perfect game.  "

Soon after his tragic perfect game he signed with the Boston Braves for $500 cash after turning down a check of the same amount from the Red Sox. Good choice Johnny.

That's Ebba St. Claire there, I know him from my only '53 Topps card. Also from this picture -

Atlanta Crackers players (left to right) Country Brown (real name: Ralph Brown), Hank Eastman, Ebba St. Claire, and Eddie Mathews posed for this picture at Ponce de Leon Park in Atlanta, Georgia in 1950. They were told by the press that they would be posing for headshots so they didn’t wear pants.

Here's some Braves legends from different eras. 

Needed this mini Julio for my PC, here's to him getting back on track his next start out after being a victim of a Topps Now moment in his last outing. 

Closing this one out with a couple new Chippers. I just reorganized my binder for him the other day and am now over 200 cards.   Thanks for all the great cards Tony, I'll be hitting you back soon

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  1. Glad you liked the cards! I'd never heard that story about Cooney before - fascinating stuff, right there.