Monday, April 11, 2016

First Look - 2016 Diamond Kings

Was out by the LCS in town today and went in looking for the new Gypsy Queen since I've yet to buy a pack or even order any singles. I like the look of the cards but nothing I'm dying to get my hands on. They were sold out of GQ but the owner had just busted a box of Diamond Kings. I loved last year's reincarnation so I dug thru the stack and pulled out 4 cards for 2 bucks. 

I feel like there aren't enough Johnny Sain cards so I had to grab this one.  Same great card stock from last year plus they skipped the foil this year. 

Hector Olivera is off to a slow start so far but his hit the ball well so far without any major mistakes in left so far. 

This might be my first card of 1963 MVP Elston Howard. 

The same goes for Dom DiMaggio here. I know one of you guys PCS him so let me know if you need this one however. 

Here's the backs for ya. Nothing crazy but these are nice enough looking to grab a few packs down the road.


  1. I love me some Diamond Kings! All four of those are very nice.

  2. I haven't been able to find Gypsy Queen either, but man, that Elston Howard is a beauty!

  3. Man, what a beautiful set. I may have to collect this one, but only after the price comes down.

  4. Jeez, I thought I posted a comment. Anyway I was saying how much I love that Ellie Howard card. I'll be cherry picking some of these off COMC.