Sunday, April 17, 2016

FOUND - Red Wing Killer at the Card Show

Big game 3 tonight for the Lightning. Hopefully they can pull this off to go up 3 games to 0. Just watched the end of CHI-STL and was glad to see the Blues pull it off.

Found a bunch of this year's Trilogy card including Mr. 4 Points in Game 2. These were actually in a nickel box!

So I couldn't help myself from grabbing a few more. You're going down Detroit. I think New York and Washington will win their series.  

West side! Go anybody but the Hawks

These were cool finds, never seen this sweet sepia set before. 

This box was 17 bucks sealed, as you can tell it didn't stay that way long. I'll break this thing down soon. 

One dollar well spent, thanks for reading. Go Bolts!


  1. Yo! Haven't seen one of those packs in ages. Not a rap fan, but I did watch Straight Outta Compton last night. Good movie.

  2. $17 for Cooperstown isn't too shabby. That's a great set. Hope you got some good stuff out of there