Monday, July 11, 2016

WOW - From Out of the Stadium to Stadium Club

Well that was amazing...

Just watched this guy hit 61 homers in about 80 swings one went 497 feet and another had a 116mph exit velocity. Insane.

I mean that was great and all but walking in my LCS Saturday to find a freshly ripped box of Stadium Club for me to dig thru was a little better to be honest.

I mean you can't really top images like this.

Or this...

In fact I'm just gonna shut up, I don't really have words to describe these beautiful pieces of cardboard but I grabbed 31 for 7 bucks.

Obligatory Braves shot.

Thanks for reading/looking


  1. Once again, Topps knocked it out of the park with Stadium Club. All great cards here, but I think my favorite here is a toss-up between the Big Hurt and Jackie Robinson. Would probably go with Robinson because of the cool old-timey ads in the background.

  2. That Jackie Robinson card is incredible. Cool stuff!

  3. Replies
    1. I agree. Of the ones I have seen so far the Mookie Betts is my favorite.