Saturday, July 9, 2016

Stadium Club Blaster

Friday. Yes it was Friday when I finally found glorious blasters of Stadium Club at a Target near me. I had stopped by last Friday and this Monday in search of the new product and to be honest I hadn't looked at too many of the images on purpose.

They had loose packs and hangers but I went for the blaster and Griffey was in my first pack. First card out was of Jayson Werth but i'm not making a National the feature card of any post on this blog.

My favorite part of Stadium Club the last couple years have been the black and white shots. Pulling a Braves player in 3 of the first 4 packs and 4 total in the blaster didn't hurt either.

Thank you Topps.

Who cares if these look a little like '97 Fleer, these things are freakin' beautiful. I wanna blow that Willie Mays image up and hang it in my living room.

My photos don't do these justice but here's 3 of my favorite cards of current stars.

"Dat me!"

The lone insert pulled was the Donald Trump of baseball himself...

Lastly here's the parallels. Probably keep the Aybar but the other 2 are up for grabs if anyone's interested. I grabbed 31 more base cards today at the LCS and will be getting a want list together soon for these if anyone has extras let me know.

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  1. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anymore blasters... but I had a Target gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket and caved in. Picked up a box of this stuff and a box of 2016 Archives. Can't wait to tear into them. I'm with you with those b&w cards. I'm hoping I pull that Cepeda and Mays card. Also hoping to pull a few other nice portraits I've seen in other blog posts.