Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 Topps - Thank God for baseball

Thank God for baseball is all I have to say about any other sport right now.

I'm a week late but I've bought about 9 packs of the newest release at various Targets so far. These were the best photos in my humble opinion. I'm not crazy about the design but I don't hate it either. My favorite aspect of it is the lack of chrome and the continued trend of no borders which I love.

In one of the first packs I pulled this card and notice that that's Logan Morrison not Corey Dickerson... Wow.

I'm cheap, I hate buying packs to be honest and this is why - I bought 8 packs before today and this was the first Braves card I pulled - in my 9th pack! It's not even a real card, it's some sort of advertisment for Topps Now, Bunt etc. 

Finally! This was the first Braves player I pulled $18 later and probably my least favorite player in the set but alas that's retail crack for you.

Here's all the inserts I pulled - I like the clean look of the Memorial Day cards - If your team is in this I'm making it a goal to send out trade packages to several of you, I haven't forgotten just been in the card room much less lately. I have a huge box full of stuff I've been acquiring for most of you who I trade regularly with.

Some decent rookies at least, no Dansby though guess I'll have to head over to Sportlots right... now!


  1. Nice variety. I plan on picking up some packs this weekend hopefully.

  2. Nice Fulmer! If I'd pulled a few Tiger inserts from the two jumbo boxes, the pain wouldn't have been as intense!

  3. Don't bother with Sportlots. I joined a Braves half case break. I'm sure I can parse out the other Bravos for you. :D

  4. One blaster box was enough for me to wait until next years version. I liked the Cervelli card as well. Only he and Polanco had unique card this year.