Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Flea Market Card Show Time

Third weekend of the month - card show at the flea market about 20 minutes from my house. Hardly ever miss it and it was about 70 degrees driving up there to North Tampa.

One of the guys there had a bunch of 8/$1.00 boxes and 4/1, I don't remember which were which but I got a bunch of shiny/parallels/newer inserts for cheap. This R.A. Dickey was from the 1996 Olympics and he's now a Brave so I had to grab it. Funny he pitched in Atlanta in the Olympics and Bartolo Colon had his debut in Turner Field.

What can I say I love prospects? Top 100 cards are some of my favorites, I'm excited to see what a change of scenery can do for Alex Jackson he still has so much potential at only 21.

Not a bad start to a rainbow of Travis Demeritte another power bat the Braves acquired for $200,000.00 or Lucas Harrell and Dario Alvarez. Thanks Rangers.

Big ole red patch beats plain old white patch, these Immaculate cards are super thick and nice so I couldn't turn this one down for a five spot.

Mini shimmers, hard to get a picture of these. Two guys I'm gonna be keeping a close eye on this year. 

Saw these came out at the National this year and didn't expect to find one for a single Washington so soon but here we are. 

Back to the cheap ones, here's 3 2015 Bowman Draft Sky Blue refractors for a quarter each.

If you know me you know I'm a cheap ass and avoid buying retail at all costs so I was ecstatic to bring home these 4 yellow retail parallels for a single dollar. 

Braves scooped up these 3 relievers who are close to MLB ready on the cheap in an offseason where relievers like Mike Dunn are getting 30 million. 

I don't even know if I like High Tek but they're shiny and acetate so I buy anyone i find featuring a Brave for cheap.

I really like the Dickey/Colon signings and am looking forward to seeing my Braves push for .500 this year.

Christmas/winter parallels are

Bowman Draft via Sportlots.com, a cheapskates dream.

If you've ever wondered why I blog less now it's not because I am watching less baseball or buying fewer cards. I'm still as fanatical as ever but in April I innocently started a "Braves Prospects" twitter to log my following of the minor leagues. Before I knew it I had 3,000+ followers and was getting asked to write for the Braves SB Nation website Talking Chop. 

I've put out a couple stories over there on the minor leagues and helped write the Top 25 Prospects article we just put out. If you'd like to follow me over there my twitter handle is @prospectsbraves 


  1. I'm glad the Pirates are not in the business of paying middle relievers 30 million. Mike freaking Dunn.

    Great pickups. Should be a fun year for the Braves no matter what the win/loss record is.

  2. Congratulations on your new gig... and 3000 followers. That's really cool. Almost as cool as your newly acquired flea market cardboard.

  3. RA Dickey is one of those guys I can only imagine as a gruff, older man, so seeing him as a young pitcher for Team USA is a bit jarring.

  4. SO cool to be writing for the Braves fan site! I can see this taking up some time! Your cards ain't so shabby either. Love deals like that!