Thursday, April 30, 2015

FOLTY TIME: My trip to a semi LCS

It's Folty time in Atlanta, our rotation has been terrible so far this year and all signs point to Mike Foltynewicz making his first big league start tomorrow. I can't wait to see what this guy does as he throws gas and has a 2.08 ERA, a 2.48 FIP and a K/9 of 12.46 over 4 starts in AAA. Got this card for a dime at the flea market card show. 

 Got the Julio for a dollar at the LCS and this is my first Jace card another dime card show pickup. Gotta love 1st Bowmans.
So I was working about an hour and a half north of the house today and stumbled across a LCS. Pretty messy inside and hard to look around so I grabbed some prospects out of a opened 2014 Bowman box the guy had laying around with all the other mixed up junk in his store. The only LCS in Tampa is super small and overpriced I usually end up just buying my daughter Pokemon cards and leaving since I never find anything not crazily overpriced.

But the prize of all was I got these 4 postcard sized cards for $2

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 Bowman - 1st packs

So I went into Target today to get batteries and walked out with this 8 pack box of the new 2015 Bowman. Here's my haul

Been a while since I pulled an auto so even though i've never heard of this guy always nice to crack an auto. Got an Alex Cobb #'d out of 499 and Drew Ward green parallel #'d /99

Really like that Bernie Williams flashback chromer and the only notable Brave I pulled was the Wisler chrome. Not bad for 8 packs but I still kinda wish I had got some more GQ...

I like this years design seen a few people online say it's ugly but I like that the names aren't on the same side every time and as usual the chromes look great. If you are looking for any prospects I am up for trading just let me know who you need.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Crackin' Packs - 2015 GQ

So I decided to experiment a little bit and bought one 3 pack at Walmart and one 3 pack at Target (also grabbed 2 6 card packs) to see if the pearl and white parallels differ at all.

Here's my haul
 The minis - Got a gold Zach Britton #'d /99 and a red Ian Kennedy #'d /50. Only plan on keeping the Gattis so if your collecting the minis let me know.

 Here's my favorites and the inserts. Also pulled a Buster Posey Pillars of the Community but set that aside for a friend. Somebody get those stinkin' Mets out of here.
And of course the white framed parallels got the top 3 from Target and the bottom 3 from Walmart as you can see NO DIFFERENCE

I love this years Gypsy Queen set and will probably buy more even though I have a Braves base team set coming in the mail. These aren't all the cards I got just my favorites if you are looking for a team or certain card let me know. I am new here to the card blogosphere but want to get into trading with you all. I have been buying/selling/trading records for about 10 years so I am expierienced with mailing fragile goods.

As always thanks for looking.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Flea market / '91 Bowman

Got the first 3 at the flea market today, I'll collect anything Deion but this is my favorite so far with him going from Brave to Falcon.The Glavine I had to grab for the throwback uni and I think that might actually be my first Don Sutton looking to start a PC of him as he's my favorite announcer.

The Bowmans are just my favorites from my binder of that set, not going to compete this set so if there's any cards your looking for let me know. The Griffey is really off center and the Larkin Gold bats are only like half filled in with foil.
Thanks for looking

Friday, April 24, 2015

Catching up

So,  new to this whole baseball card blogosphere catching up. 

Mail day in the first picture here, the Lemke I got out of a 25 cent junk pack at the flea market card show last weekend, a Big Papi minors card I found in my stack recently, Kimbrel I got auto'd this spring in Dunedin.. last time seeing him pitch for the Braves...

Also is it just me that can't get into the Donruss/Panini cards without the logos on the hats/jerseys..

I'll post again tomorrow, hope to do some trading with you all

PS sorry my pictures suck

Fell back in love

So my son was born September 5th just in time to see my Braves fall apart down the stretch AGAIN. Started buying Topps series 1 cards at Target "for my son" and next thing I know I'm addicted again like I'm 9 all over again. New to collecting and really like the Allen & Ginter/Gypsy Queen cards. Collecting all Braves cards and anything Jason Heyward. My eBay name is jonesbwp if you wanna check my rep since I'm new to the whole card blogosphere hope to do some trading with you folks once I get this blogger thing figured out.


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