Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Here's a New Years themed card Nick sent me recently. 

I've gotten 2 PWEs since Christmas but just haven't had time to write up a worthy post. Get you next year Dimebox Nick and Dollarstore Doug. It's been a great year of trading for me.

This wins my card of the year for one reason: My random stumbling onto Tim B's Blog shortly after the release of Gypsy Queen this year led me here - Posting about and trading cards with all you folks and it's been a great first year. I want to thank everyone for reading, commenting and following my little blog and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flea Market Round Up Pt. 1

Made my weekly trip to Big Top Flea Market this past weekend here in Tampa and stumbled upon a new vendor with table full of boxes and boxes of dollar cards in top loaders. I began to dig thru and once I did the guy told me they were all a quarter today.

What!? OK. this Maz may have a soft corner but is other wise minty at least good enough for my collection. This may have been my favorite purchase of the day.

But like every collector I love me some oddballs, like this pair of Jimmy Dean hall of famers.

Thank you sir, may I have another! 2 cards I remember pulling out of magazines/cereal boxes as a kid but never of these 2 guys. I don't per se collect Ozzie Smith but I may as well as I have a ton of his oddball issues and other cards.

Oddball Spahns a-plenty. I've had my eye on that Ziploc one for a while now ever since seeing it one on of the other blogs. The Action Packed card is one of those crazy embossed 3-D type cards from the 90's

If I only knew about Tom Glavine from 90's oddballs, I'd think he really liked breakfast..

..with cheese. I'm afraid to pull these but they are SO tempting.

Even better than all those oddballs was this really sweet minor league card of the Glavinator.

So. Much. Information.

Keeping in the oddball spirit here's a nice one of another lefty.

I'm a sucker for plain fronts, but this back ain't so bad either. Never heard of "Renata Galasso, Inc." Maybe someone knows something about them/remembers them. OK not so oddball but still a cool card non the less, just like this -

Cool Papa Bell Sausage oddball!

I'm assuming these were mail in cards not in package as i'd imagine the sausage juice would ruin the cards.

Also nabbed these 2 of the Negro Leaguers out of the same box.

The lone non-baseball card of this here post is this round cornered weirdo that now i've taken a picture of I can't find to tell you what issue it is.

This post may break the Yankees allowance meter around here. But I needed that Deion for my PC and the shiny Phil Rizzuto was too cool to leave behind for a quarter.


Another vintage find, this one of the man Bill Bruton.

Closing this one out with a pair of awesomely over shiny 90s cards. As always thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Contenders Blaster - Christmas Edition

Got a gift card to Target from my Mom for Christmas and I swear I looked at clothes and household goods, but I ended up buying an AMC gift card and this blaster:

Retail is crack I tell you, plus TWO autographs! Ok let's see what's inside.

This was the only "Game Day" insert and my first time seeing this one. Happ was drafted by the Cubbies in the 1st round of last year's draft.

Drafted in the 4th round by Oakland Skye Bolt here has the best name in the box.

A.J. Reed, David Thompson, and Casey Hughston make up this trio of impossible to read nameplates. The Braves need to hurry up and find a way to trade for A.J. Reed. Thompson was drafted by the Mets and Hughston by the Pirates.

I actually caught this one just right. Rangers, Mariners and Indians draft picks from 2015 in order.

Here's the autos, undrafted Jairo Labourt gets some love here. Makes me hungry for a gyro though.

Carlos Vargas just signed with Seattle as an international prospect. Nice signature kid.

Ok these didn't come from this blaster but they fit in with this post so here's some Dansby cards I got in the mail the other day. 

USA! USA! I heard that Seager kid might be pretty good guys. Matt Chapman and Mikey White were both drafted by the A's.

This might be my favorite card out of the box, cool to see Elway in his college uni. I don't collect this Bronco though so I think it will find a new home.

Hey these guys were pretty good. Love that Biggio photo.

Trea Turner is the top 'spect for my least favorite team the Washington Senators Minnesota Twins Texas Rangers Nationals. Maybe they can keep the team this time around. Dozier was drafted in the first round by Kansas City all the way back in 2013. I think they're doing okay without him so far.

One of my favorite inserts, 2 NL Central Shortstops of the future here with a Card and a Brewer.

Giants first round pick Chris Shaw on the left there came out a little blurry. Angels first rounder Taylor Ward not too bad. Sorry I need to get a scanner to make this blog look more professional. 

8 Cody Poteet - UCLA Bruins - Marlins
Kevin Kramer - UCLA Bruins - Pirates

5 Carson Fulmer - Vanderbilt Commodores - White Sox
Walker Buehler - Vanderbilt Commodores - Dodgers 

Sucks that Waker Buehler already has to have TJS after just being drafted in June by L.A. LINK

I wanna talk to Sampson! Not one single Braves player or Dansby card out of the 42 cards in my box luckily I had ordered this one plus the 2 above from Sportlots a week or so ago.

Ok almost done here. A bunch of big names with Nola already having debuted for the Phillies. Tyler Naquin hit .300/.381/.446/.828 across AA/AAA last year and was drafted in the first round in 2012, have to think he debuts soon for Cleveland. Tyler Jay was the Twins first round pick in the 2015 Draft. 

OK that's it, here's the rest of the base cards I pulled if your interested in any of these guys let me know. I know I learned a new name or 2 and got some trade bait to boot so not a bad box. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bob Walks the Plank - Christmas Edition

Me and Matt have a back and forth blind trade going on and he recently emailed me to let me know he had some stuff to send me. Well on Christmas Eve a package from West Virginia showed up and it was like an early Christmas present to me: 

2015 Five Star Gold Freddie Freeman auto #'d 31/50.... wow is all I can say. This is only my second Freeman auto so thanks a ton Matt

The super premium autos didn't stop there though folks, he also sent my first Immaculate card of anybody with this Glenn Hubbard #'d 43/99. My first auto of his so this one was much appreciated as well. 

You thought right my friend.

Those Five Stars are thick, that's 8 Andruw Jones base cards stacked up next to it. Thanks again for the package Matt, I'll try to put something together to send your way to pay you back.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Card(s) From Adam

Got a Christmas card from Adam over at Cardboard Clubhouse with some cards inside for good measure. 

Donruss Chipper I Didn't have to start off with.

A Donruss Deion, I think this post will go down in history as the highest percentage of Donruss of all time. 

From PCs to set needs this Christmas card had it all. Thanks for the card and Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

LCS Champion Sports Cards - Black Friday Ode to Chief Noc-A-Homa

Was up in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and was out black Friday shopping with the family when I realized I was across the street from a LCS that Tony L. had mentioned to me earlier so I dragged the wife and kids inside to check it out. Love that hot dog oddball Bobby.

Here's the shop info if your ever in the Marietta/ Kennesaw area.

Another hot dog oddball of the Braves mascot of my youth right after they got rid of the great Chief Noc-A-Homa and his teepee in the outfield.  This is my first mascot signed card.

I mean Rally was pretty cool I guess but he's no Chief...

“They were overly sensitive about being politically correct,” Walker said. “That’s one of the reasons why they took that job performance as a way of terminating me.”

A pretty good article on the chief if your interested - ESPN Article

Ok back to cards,  here's some cool Negro League stickers I found in a dime box from a Ted Williams set.

Picked up a couple of former Bolts in new uniforms since I didn't have any cards of these guys in their new homes. 

Begrudingly scooped up this Gator wearing a NFL uniform.

I'll probably never buy a box of stuff like this but for a dime they sure are cool looking cards.

I don't recognize most of the people in Golden Age,  these guys I do though.  

Mini shimmery goodness here. I'm currently working on trying to get Vegeta's hyperbolic training chamber to throw all these teenage Braves in. 

No way that's the same photo right? Yeah definitely the same photo or Max Fried repeats his delivery really well. 

Ok Bowman you made up for with this die cut from this years Chrome. Teheran is the ace now.

Last card here, more Chrome. I wish I had more time to peruse the store but had the family with me and never made it back during my trip. Thanks for the tip Tony