Sunday, December 18, 2016

I bought a box

Not anything crazy, i'm not going off the rails yet. I'm no box buster but for 20 bucks at the card show last month I couldn't pass it up. I hadn't been able to track any of this stuff down yet at my regular stops so this was a good way to get the Braves in the set and maybe some cool trade bait.

I ended up getting the whole set plus 20 or 30 dupes so the collation was solid, good job Topps!

Throwbacks, need these Jedi Jeff?

These are pretty cool, Lucroy would look better in a Braves uniform and Sale will be in a Boston uni next season. White Sox going full bore on the rebuild.

He Who Must Not Be Names makes an appearance for the Braves here. That Seager kid is pretty good.

I took this photo and left it out over night, the next day at work my wife called to let me know my son had scribbled all over one card and one card only - Chipper Jones, All is well the guy I bought it from plopped a fresh one in a sleeve down as soon as I walked up to his booth today. Good guy and the only true Marlins fan I know,

The "hits", 2 serial numbered hall of famers. Let me know if you want them.

Picked up some Dirty Birds while there as well including this beauty for 2 bucks!

Deion Jones looking like the rookie of the year. Campbell has been getting better and better but got hurt today.

This guy made a hell of a catch in the end zone today as my Falcons blew out SanFran 41-13

Run Free for 3 touchdowns young man.

Defensive Player of the Year? 14.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles including a strip and score.

Glad I grabbed these cheap when I did!


Monday, October 17, 2016

Flea Market Card Show

I went to my local flea market card show yesterday before the big Falcons-Seahawks game at 4:30 and got some pretty cool stuff since that game ended in such a fair and just way I'll just talk about the cards..

Guy had a whole table of cards for a dollar or 2 each and I snatched this IP a auto of the Hawk up faster than you could say PASS INTERFERENCE. Dude has maybe the prettiest signature in all of sports.

Picked up this Spaceman with a bunch of other cards for 5 bucks.

That's just a pretty card right there. 


One of these things is not like the others. 

A preview of Smoltz becoming one of the beSt announcers in baseball. He's killed the playoffs so far.

Freddie Freeman put up MVP numbers in 2016. Bo Porter got a promotion to the front office - High Five!

Mallex is my dude

Couldn't leave these autos behind for less than 4 bucks each

Nickel box goodies.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Braves Instructionals - 9/26/16

I was able to make my way up to Kissimmee yesterday to see the debut of Kevin Maitan at the first game of Fall Instructional League play for the Braves this year. I'm pretty sure you all know about Maitan by now but he was the #1 overall international prospect for the 2016 class and has been deemed "Venezuela's Next Great Prospect" by Baseball America and deemed the best international prospect to sign since Miguel Sano all the way back in 2009.

 Many scouts stated that if he were eligible for last June's draft he would be a first round pick and a high one at that. It's not often you find a switch hitting six foot five 16 year old kid who can play shortstop and hit for power but the Braves did just that on July 2nd inking him to a $4.5 million dollar deal.

 It being a road game, I wasn't 100 percent sure Maitan would travel or even play but on my way up I heard he was in the lineup and starting at short and may or may not have started driving a little bit faster. The game was against the Astros who are still using Osceola County Stadium for their Instructional League games until the Braves move in next year.

 I had never been to the backfields here and came in the wrong way behind right field and to my surprise (and delight) saw Ian Anderson warming up out there. Not far from him were all of the position players warming up and there he was as big as any of the other guys including Juan Yepez and Braxton Davidson. I snapped a couple of quick photos and settled in near the Braves dugout as per usual for me at GCL and instructional games. Right before the game I asked him for a photo and I think it might be the first photo of him actually in a Braves uniform. I got a lineup card from one of the coaches and settled in to watch the first inning.

The Braves went down 1, 2, 3 in the top of the first and on came Ian Anderson, this was actually my first time catching him live and he really does make it look easy with a smooth, effortless delivery. His last start for Danville was on September 1st and you could tell with the way he was having trouble locating his pitches, walking 2 or 3 over his 2 innings. His stuff was there with the fastball sitting 92-94 and he had some nice break on the offspeed stuff but you could tell there was a little rust from not pitching in almost four weeks.

 In the top of the 2nd Braxton Davidson lead off with a walk and up came Kevin Maitan. He did not look overmatched at all for a 16 year old taking his first professional at bat, fouling a few pitches off before eventually grounding out.

In the field he made a few solid plays, making all of them look easy - on a fly ball to shallow left he took charge over the much older Davidson in left and made a nice over the shoulder catch going back on the ball. He flashed the plus arm on a ball to his left that wasn't a routine ground ball but he made it look that way, easily throwing the runner out at first. He also started a 6-4-3 double play to end the 2nd inning.

In the 3rd inning Derian Cruz reached on a solid base hit, Cristian Pache hit into a fielder's choice and stole a base easily with Maitan at the plate. Maitan again grounded out in his first RBI chance. It was definitely nice to see Cruz, Pache, Davidson, Maitan, Cumberland 2-6 in the lineup even though neither team scored.

 Jeremy Walker came in to pitch the 3rd inning in relief of Anderson who threw 2 scoreless innings, he's another tall righty with 4 pitches and worked a clean inning as thunder started to rumble in the background. Right as the final out of the 3rd was recorded a loud lightning strike hit nearby and they put the game into a 30-minute delay and eventually called it once rain rolled in which is unfortunate since Joey Wentz was warmed up and ready to pitch the 4th.

Brett Cumberland started at catcher and from his draft profile and scouting reports i'd come to assume he was very raw behind the plate. I didn't see him make any mistakes over 3 innings and seemed to work well with Anderson. Derian Cruz slid over from his normal SS position to 2nd base and looked just fine out there.

I only got to see 2 of his at bat's but I'd say all in all Kevin Maitan lived up to the hype. He's a a huge kid who makes every thing on the baseball field look easy. I've never seen a guy his size play shortstop that easily, I really do think he might have a shot to stick there. He seems to have settled right in with the team, I noticed he sat next to Juan Yepez most of the game a fellow Venezuelan.

I'm not sure how many Instructional League games I'll be able to make it to this month but I will definitely be back to Osceola County Stadium next year to watch the Braves new High-A club whatever crazy name they end up with.

Another one of the top international signings the Braves made in July - Yunior Severino who did not play yesterday.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Hello all. Or at least those who still follow this dormant blog. I am still here guys, still accumulating cardboard at an unhealthy rate for both myself and you fine folks. 

With so many cards and trade packages backlogged/not written about it only seems right to jump back in with a trade package from another blogger who recently went on a extended hiatus - Nick the king of the Dimeboxes

To be honest I'm not sure when I got this package but it was sometime after Archives and Series 2 came out..

In typical recent Braves cardboard fashion only 2 of the 6 guys on this card are still with the club. 

Most of my time I used to spend blogging I have been spending watching the Braves minor leagues. Some nights I watch 3 games at once (always with the MLB Braves on the big screen) but mostly minor league baseball. I didn't expect it but it's caused me to fall even deeper in love with the game. Going to Gulf Coast League games to check out the young international prospects and being one of the only people there will do that to you. 

This is from behind home plate down in Bradenton at Pirates camp. Number 97 is Kyle Muller the Braves 2nd first round pick this year. I think I was one of about 7 spectators there. 

Gypsy Queen looks great again this year (5 months later)

So yeah I'm not ignoring baseball or baseball cards for that matter I've just allocated my time differently lately.

I've got a box FULL of cards to send to all of my trade partners. I hope you don't think I've forgotten about you all I'm still reading your blog posts just not constantly on blogger like I once was.

Thanks for reading my rant and I  will be posting more regularly. I have a few posts scheduled after this one so I guess you could say I'M BACK. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

WOW - From Out of the Stadium to Stadium Club

Well that was amazing...

Just watched this guy hit 61 homers in about 80 swings one went 497 feet and another had a 116mph exit velocity. Insane.

I mean that was great and all but walking in my LCS Saturday to find a freshly ripped box of Stadium Club for me to dig thru was a little better to be honest.

I mean you can't really top images like this.

Or this...

In fact I'm just gonna shut up, I don't really have words to describe these beautiful pieces of cardboard but I grabbed 31 for 7 bucks.

Obligatory Braves shot.

Thanks for reading/looking