Thursday, February 8, 2018

It's and there's still pack searchers at Target.

 Cards are back! Baseball is almost back! So yeah found some 2018 Topps last Tuesday a day early.

I didn't pull this card, Tony L of Off Hiatus sent it to me but I'll get there eventually. 

When I pulled up to Target with my Publix fried chicken meal ready to be destroyed in the food court. I saw this creeper searching packs and knew there had to be new cards so I grabbed 4 fresh ones. 

Nothing to great in there, trust me. That might be the only 8 dollars I spend on flagship this year. I paid 5 bucks for a team set on EBay then Tony sent me a whole other one plus that gloriously shining Albies RC shown above. 

I still scour EBay occasionally and scored my first Kyle Wright AUTO for about 6 bucks. 

Hit up the local monthly card show at the flea market and scooped up my first sampling of Topps Fire out of a 5/$1 box from my pal Whitey.



My favorite player as a kid is a Hall of Famer. I'm officially old. 

Man this is almost a cool card but Donruss sucks so so bad.

Picked up this Dansby auto for ten. Crazy how far prices came down after a rough rookie campaign. 

I also picked up a couple hundred 2015/16/17 Stadium Club for cheap there as I am building those 3 sets. I need to finish up my want lists for those, if anyone has any for trade or needs any let me know as I have a lot of extras.